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Can I share my prescription drugs?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Criminal Defense

You may not ever consider dealing or doing illegal drugs, but when it comes to sharing your prescription medication with a friend or family member who needs something, you might feel differently, thinking it is not a big deal.

After all, you obtained the drugs legally, and the person you give them to might really need them if they are in a lot of pain or need something to stay awake. However, you could be charged with a crime in Idaho if you share your prescription drug, even if you legally obtained the drugs.

It could seem crazy, but you could face the same type of drug charges and criminal penalties as a seasoned drug dealer or drug trafficker just for giving someone one or two of your pills because they asked, and you want to help them.

Additionally, if your friend or family member has a bad reaction to the medication and dies, you could even be looking at murder charges.

What the law says about sharing prescription drugs

Idaho law states that it is illegal to possess or consume a prescription medication without a valid prescription. When you are the one with the legal prescription, giving your medication to someone could make you vulnerable to drug distribution charges.

While it could be difficult to say no to someone who is telling you they really need the medication, and you can see that they are in pain or under a lot of stress, never share your prescription medication with others. The potential consequences are just not worth it.

You cannot get around this law by sharing prescription medication with someone who has their own prescription for the same medication. It does not matter if the person has their own prescription, but simply doesn’t have it with them or ran out and had no time to get a refill. It is still illegal.

Drug classification schedules and the various penalties

Prescription drugs are classified by different schedules. The higher the schedule, the more serious the criminal penalties.

Common types of prescription medications that people often share include stimulants such as Adderall, or drugs meant to treat anxiety and relax you, such as Xanax.

Both these drugs have different drug schedules, so if you shared them with a friend, your possible penalties could change depending on the type of drug.

There are a wide range of criminal penalties for drug distribution charges in Idaho, including fines, probation and prison time. You will also have a criminal record for the rest of your life, which could ruin your career or reputation or prevent you from pursuing certain opportunities.

Defending yourself against distribution charges

If you are charged with distributing drugs, there are many defenses you can explore. Remember that as in any criminal case, the prosecution must prove every element of the drug charge beyond a reasonable doubt.

You also have rights that may have been violated at any phase of the process, from questioning to arrest to evidence gathering. It is important to have your case evaluated and scrutinized by a professional to learn about your best options.