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Can you use any of these DUI defense strategies in your case?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | DUI and Traffic

When you’re charged with a DUI, it can feel like the prosecution is coming at you with everything they’ve got. That can be incredibly stressful knowing that a conviction could lead to jail time, fines, license suspension, damage to your career, and harm to your personal reputation.

With all that pressure bearing down on you, it might be tempting to take whatever plea deal the prosecution offers as a way to mitigate the damage, but that might not be your best option. Before making any decision on a plea deal, you should carefully consider your defense options to see if there’s a way to beat the case in its entirety.

Top strategies for defending against DUI charges

You might feel defeated as you prepare to head into your drunk driving case, but you might have strong criminal defense options at your disposal. Here are some that might give you an edge in your DUI case:

  • Illegal stop: The police have to have reasonable suspicion that you’ve committed a criminal offense or traffic violation before initiating a stop. If they lack that suspicion, then the stop is illegal, and any evidence gathered as a result of that stop is illegally obtained. So, if evidence supporting your DUI charges came from an illegal stop, then you can probably block key evidence from being used against you, which in turn will likely get your case dismissed.
  • Error-prone field sobriety tests: The police and prosecutors often rely on the results of field sobriety tests to initiate drunk driving arrests. Yet, these tests are often riddled with issues, from improperly given instructions, failure to take into account a driver’s medical conditions, and inaccurate observations. You might give yourself a leg up on your case if you can show that law enforcement made mistakes in the administration of your field sobriety tests.
  • Inaccurate breath test results: Breath tests results are often treated like the holy grail in a DUI case. But these results can be highly inaccurate. Testing machines can be improperly stored and calibrated, and errors made during the test itself can skew the test’s results. For example, if the test is administered at a time when you’re still belching, then the blood alcohol concentration can come back erroneously high. Be sure to look for any breath test issues so that you can highlight them in your DUI case.
  • Chain of custody issues: When evidence is collected, including blood samples, it must be handled and stored properly to ensure that it doesn’t become compromised in some fashion. If you can demonstrate chain of custody errors, then you might be able to raise doubt as to its validity, which could put you in a stronger position than you initially imagined.

These are just some of the criminal defense strategies that you might have in your DUI case. So, be sure to diligently assess the facts of your case so that you can find the best path forward for you.

Are you ready to fight back against the prosecution?

Your future is on the line in your DUI case. That’s why now is the time to get to work building your defense. Figuring out how to navigate your drunk driving case can be challenging, but help is available if you choose to seek it out. What’s important to remember is that you have rights and options when it comes to fighting back against the prosecution. So, be prepared to act on them to protect your future.