Put Prosecution Experience On Your Side


Serhiy P

This rating doesn’t have enough stars for Dana Bowes. It needs to be at least 10 star rating scale. With 10 being “more then just Talented” Dana definitely is no less then 10 star attorney. Smart. Fast. Efficient. Got my case dismissed in less than a week. Dana’s skills are simply on another level. Thank you again. P.S. beautiful


Dana at North Idaho law group absolutely exceeded my expectations. Could not be any happier with my outcome.

Barnes F

Lets start by saying this lady took a very grim situation and cleaned it up and made the absolute best of it. She exceeded our expectations and worked hard for us (and our family), often feeling the stress and pressure of the case right along side of us. She is nothing short of awesome, and handled both our family and the courts with diligence and care. While we surely appreciate her help we hope to never call her again, but if we ever had to she would be our first choice. She’s amazing!


Dana could feel how torn up i was just by talking to me on the phone. As soon as we hung up she immediately made a call and got some information to put my mind at is. She didn’t have to work that quickly but man I’m so grateful she did. I know who to turn to if I need a lawyer again.

Nicole B

Dana helped me feel at ease when it came to sharing information and offering me guidance on how to go during a difficult moment. Some may argue that she is inexperienced because she is young. Those who believe this will be missing out on one hardworking attorney that is always there for you and puts 100 percent of her efforts into putting you first and obtaining what you want or need. Dana has demonstrated to me a degree of professionalism equal to that of most veterans, who may underestimate her commitment to get the job done for the customer.